Anthony Cropley

"SCENAR helped save my career",

Dan Luger, International Rugby Union star says.

International sports elite are now turning to the SCENAR for this groundbreaking treatment of injuries that could so easily have cut short their careers with traditional methods.

Now it's YOUR turn!

Here's just a few of the many success stories after taking SCENAR Treatment. More can be found on our blog

For eighteen months I needed to take up to eight analgesic tablets a day following a car accident. I was finding it increasingly difficult to walk and was waiting for both hips to be replaced, I was unable to bend my right arm, and remained in considerable pain from back injuries.

I was naturally very depressed.

Eight treatments with Scenar later I am walking well, my left hip is pain free, the muscles in my right hip and leg less painful and I have full use of my arm. I am no longer plagued with back ache.

My family say it is a miracle. I am going to have surgery for the arthritic right hip, but hopefully the left hip feels so much better that an operation is no longer necessary. I look forward to the convalescent period as I shall continue to use the Scenar approach to pain relief.

I feel relaxed and relieved that the car accident is now behind me and I can move on positively with my life and I plan to return to nursing.

Severe lower back pain experienced after a horse riding accident was treated by the NHS with an epidural injection. This caused numbness in the right buttock and leg and a lot of distress.

It only took 3 SCENAR treatments for the sensation to return and pain to be completely eliminated.

A shoulder injury developed into a 'frozen shoulder' causing severe pain and discomfort. 12 months of physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment made little difference to the condition.

In just as little as 5 SCENAR treatments healed the problem completely.

A recurring and painful hip problem suffered for many years, its cause proving elusive to NHS specialists. Many conventional treatments and remedies were sought and administered with minimal success.

But with just 6 SCENAR treatments the problem was healed to enjoy pain free living.

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